b_300_300_14408667_00_images_EFFC2017-WGFanTastic.jpgThe project Fan.Tastic Females – Football Her.Story is very much a DIY project and is being organised by a group of volunteers from all over Europe who are all active football fans themselves.

How come? Several years back, a number of members of the European fans‘ network Football Supporters Europe (FSE) had an exchange about how female fan culture in football could be shown just as what it’s truly like – outside of common media stereotypes.

As a result of this process, the idea for the exhibition project Fan.Tastic Females – Football Her.Story started to take shape as well as a group of many many people who have worked tirelessly during their spare time for its realisation ever since, be it as part of the overall coordinating team, with filmmaking, with graphic design, via spending many hours with transcribing numerous interviews, with translation jobs, via supporting the interview arrangements in the countries of travel and many things more:

PROJEKT COORDINATION: Daniela Wurbs, Antje Grabenhorst, Barbara Paech

FILMEMAKERS: Naz Gündogdu, Filomena Canino, Christopher Radke

FILMMAKERS - 2nd CREW: Christian Pleines, Kevin Lenk, Leo Rua, Leonie Pokutta, Malte Voss, Robert Vogel, Seamus Lumsden, Sebastian Liebentraut

GRAFIC DESIGN: Nico Appel - Design A Sign

WEB DESIGN: Michael Fritz – more-features OG

ADMINISTRATION: Nicole Winkelhake, Greta Rinast

PROJECT CREW: Agnes Gertten, Anastasia Tikhomirova, Anika Grabenhorst, Anissa Carrington, Antje Hagel, Ariane Loesch, Basar Yarimoglu, Burkal Efe, Dewi, Elena Erkina, Elly Saey Van Peteghem, Emilio Abejon, Erling Rostvang, Frank D’Agostini, Friedemann Pitschak, Gregor Backes, Gregor Groenewold, Hugo Beguerie, Itamar Liebergall, Jenny Hoffmann, Jess, Jessica Prehm, Juliane Kliefoth, Kieran Jones, Kolja Saalfeld, Krissy, Leonie Buhl, Lisa Braner, Linda Laude, Linda Malvén, Mathilde Mandelli, Mona Opp-Neustädter, Nicole Selmer, Niklas Trinkhaus, Nikola Staritz, Orcan Yigit, Paula Scholz, Robert Hoffmann, Sergey Podgaynyy, Showan Shattak, Simon Volpers, Sönke Goldbeck, Stefan Heitbreder, Stella Schrey, Stephanie Dilba, Steven Powell, Stuart Dykes, Sue Rudolph, Tine Hundahl Jensen, Victoria Domínguez Almela