Two female fans of Tennis Borussia Berlin inside the stadium in the 1970s, shown on a black and white picture. One woman is holding a beer - Copyright: Archiv Tennis Borussia Berlin

Football & fan culture – for lads only? Far from it! But what do we actually know about women in football fan cultures in Europe? What kind of stories can they tell and what views do they have on „the beautiful game“?

One thing is clear: there have been women inside the football grounds from the very beginning – not always officially, sometimes undesired, and not always visible, but they have always been there. Only where there are books and interviews about football and its fans, it’s still hardly women telling the stories. Likewise, women are rarely in the spotlight of existing fan and football legends.  

The project Fan.Tastic Females – Football Her.Story therefore wants to tell the stories of fan.tastic women – about their love and passion for the game, about their way into the stands, their greatest, most impressive, funniest but also the less pleasant moments in football. The unique exhibition, put together by fans, for fans, seeks to illustrate the diversity and realities of female fan culture in European football (and beyond) – from the perspective of the protagonists themselves.

The exhibition is implemented by members of the Football Supporters Europe (FSE) network and will be on tour in Europe from late summer 2018.

Join us on our journey across Europe and experience true (female) football passion!

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