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The implementation of the Fan.Tastic Females exhibition is facilitated (eiter financially or by other means) by the following supporters:

stifuku wortbildmarke CMYK pos "Stiftung Fußball & Kultur UEFA EURO 2024"
UEFA Claim Heimspiel Europa 2zeilig schwarz RGB RZ Heimspiel für Europa
 Football Fans Against Homophobia
The Logo of the Network F_in Women in Football - a football goal net between the letters  F_in - Women in Football
 The Logo of Ballkult e.V. -   BallKULT e.V.
    Fan Club Frau Dörte Becker
 Logo of the fan group Hypers 2001 - red and white flags framing a bay wreath within which there are two supporters with raised fists in black and white. Underneath a name-tape with the group name written on it.   Hypers 2001
Logo of the Coordinating Centre at the dsj (KOS) - scribbled circle on green square background. Underneath the name of the KOS in green font.  Coordinating Centre of Fan Projects

at the dsj

 Logo of the German Academy for Football Culture - a football with a college graduation hat on. Underneath the name and the logos of the sponsors, the Kicker football newspaper and the Easy Credit Bank.  German Academy for Football Culture
 Logo of SV Werder Bremen - a green diamond with white framing and the capital letter W in the middle  SV Werder Bremen
 Logo of the Department of Supporting Members (AFM) at FC St Pauli - Silhouettes of four supporters with raised arms and a flag above a heart-shaped football. Underneath a name-tape with the   von vier Fans mit erhobenen Armen und Fahne über einem Fußball in Herzform in brown and white. Darunter eine Binde mit dem Schriftzug AFM - FC St Pauli Homegrown  Department of Supporting Members at FC St. Pauli v. 1910 e.V.
 Logo of TSV 1860 München - a black lion crest on white background in a rectangle with a black framing TSV 1860 München
 Logo of the German Football League(DFL) - red Silhouette of a football player kicking a ball. Underneath the stretched foot the name DFL  Funding Pool PFiFF of the German Football League(DFL)
 Logo of the DFB Culture Foundation - a green circle with stilised Letters DFB sourrounded by a grey line with lines in black-red-gold at the bottom. Underneath the name of the foundation  DFB Culture Foundation
 Logo der UEFA


UEFA RESPECT (in kind support with the provision of statistics)