b_300_300_14408667_0_0_images_kat.pngThe exhibition Fan.Tastic Females – Football Her.Story consists of several parts:


…about the history and participation of women in football from past to present


the heart of our exhibition: portraits of female fans and fan culture from 20 countries across Europe and even a few countries beyond that – from the female ultra to the all-female fan group to the woman who joins all away trips, from the chairwoman of the clubs‘ supervisory board to the players wife to the oldest season ticket holder in her country...


…the infamous „Women in Football“ Bullshit Bingo and more….

Apart from that, the main idea behind the project Fan.Tastic Females – Football Her.Story has been from the beginning to make the exhibition accessible for as many fans and as many places and environments across Europe as possible.  

This is why the project is designed as a multimedia touring exhibition, to allow it to be taken from A to B in relatively easy and cost-efficient ways.

The content of the exhibition will be presented on mobile displays and banners in German and English, videos can be scanned and watched on the visitors‘ smartphones via QR codes.  

Like this, fans or organisations with limited own resources should be enabled to show the exhibition. At the same time, exhibitors with the respective additional equipment and facilities (e.g. club museums) could present the multimedia parts via their own screens inside their premises.

You want to show the exhibition in your city, at your club? Here you can find more info for exhibitors.