Read more: PROGRAMME: 11/05/ - 18/05/2019 in Duisburg

The exhibition in Duisburg will be hosted by the fan initiative Zebras stehen auf! and the Fan Project Duisburg.


König-Heinrich-Platz 3
47051 Duisburg


daily 9.00 -18.00 hrs
13 & 17 May: 9.00 - 21.00 hrs
closed on 12 May



14.00 hrs

Opening of the exhibition (incl sparkling wine and a snack buffet)


19.02 hrs-
21.30 hrs

Panel Discussion
Fan.Tastic Females - my story on the field of football

Julia Dreher (Kohorte)

Antje Grabenhorst (Fan.Tastic Females / F_in - Women in Football)
Judith Haesters (Zebras stehen auf e.V. / Born to Suffer)
Stella Schrey (KOS - Coordinating Center of Fan Projects)
Britta Tueffers-Schrey (MSV Fan)

The field of football is wide - apart from football as a sport, there are numerous areas that women help shaping and where they are committed. From within the active fanbase to science, to fan project work, to work at the club to being engaged as a regular fan. How do women enter the field of football and which kind of obstacles do they face over and over again? What kind of stories do these women bring in and what kind of developments do they observe?

As part of the panel discussion, and just in line with the philosophy of the exhibition itself, we would like to listen to the stories of different women in football and get into a conversation with them about the challenges they face as women and how they perceive sexism and blokish behaviour in their football environment.


 16.00 hrs -
 21.00 hrs

Expert Nights

On these two evenings, visitors will have the opportunity to talk to organisers and people from the active fanbase of MSV Duisburg, to raise questions on the exhibition and bring up ideas for similar events in the future. Zebras stehen auf and the Fan Project Duisburg are looking forward to an exciting exchange!

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Stadion Bremer Brücke, in the North Stand


daily from 14.00hrs - 19.00hrs




17.00 hrs

Opening of the exhibition


19.30 hrs

Presentation "Pearl from the Terrace - female Ultras between assimilation and rebellion"

Read more: PROGRAMME: 29/04 - 09/05/2019 in Gelsenkirchen

The exhibition in Gelsenkirchen is hosted by the Department of Fan Matters, the Schalke Museum, the Schalker Fan Project and the fan magazine Schalke Unser

VENUE: Schalke-Museum - Veltins-Arena, Arenaring 1, 45891 Gelsenkirchen


Tuesday to Friday: 10.00-18.00hrs
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10.00-17.00 hrs
Closed on Mondays
On matchdays, the Schalke Museum opens two hours before kick-off, access to the arena is only possible when in possession of a valid match ticket.

Adults: 5 Euro
Youth (6 - 21 yrs): 3 Euro
Children (0 - 6 yrs): free

Admission to all special events is free of charge!


29/04/2019 19.04hrs SCHALKE MUSEUM - Exhibition Opening
Apart from that, more than 10 female Schalke fans will present themselves and talk about their experiences and events around Schalke. For registered participants only - registration via this link
 03.05.2019 19.04hrs  Schacht 6, Schalker Markt 6, 45881 Gelsenkirchen
Women's Workshop Schalke Unser
„We all love only FC Schalke“ – Women and Sexism at Schalke.

Registration open until 25/04/ via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 09.05.2019 19.04hrs  Schalke Museum - Presentation „Gay Cunts - Sexism, Homophobia and Self Empowerment in Football“

After the presentation, we'll present the fan clubs "Regenbogen Knappen“ and „Andersrum auf Schalke“.

Read more: PROGRAMME: 15/06 - 30/06/2019 in Jena

The exhibition in Jena is hosted by Südkurve Jena/


Mensa of the University of Applied Sciences Jena and Zeiss AG, Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 6, 07745 Jena


Monday - Friday 10.00 - 15.00 hrs as well as one hour ahead of each special event, visits outside of regular opening hours are possible upon request



  11.00 hrs
- 13.00 hrs

Opening of the exhibition
Opening and guided tour through the "Fan.Tastic Females” exhibition together with one of the creators of the exhibition as well as two of the women portrayed.

>>> Mensa of the University of Applied Sciences Jena and Zeiss AG


  19.00 hrs



Panel Discussion: Exchange of Female Generations of the Fanbase 

This evening, and in representation of different generations of female FCC supporters, four women of different age groups will come together in conversation. Together, an exchange should be kicked off about the development of the situation of female football supporters at FCC. And naturally, the audience is also corially invited to contribute.

>>> Mensa of the University of Applied Sciences Jena and Zeiss AG


  15:00 hrs
- 17:30 hrs

City Walk:

Famous women in Jena. Together we want to explore Jena and follow the traces of famous, notorious but often forgotten women in Jena.

>>> Meeting point tbc


  19:00 hrs
- 22:00 hrs

Panel: Women's Football in Jena - quo vadis

>>> Mensa of the University of Applied Sciences Jena and Zeiss AG


  19:00 hrs
- 22:00 hrs

Presentation: "Pearl from the Terraces?!“ Presentation about female ultras between assimilation and rebellion, followed by a discussion

What is it that motivates female ultras to give their club the shirt off their backs, to tour across all stadia, to scream their heads off? Possibly it is the same as what motivates men - isn't it? In any case, they more or less automatically hold a special role and a position as a minority. Often, they will find that it is made harder for them to be a normal part of ultra culture. But they exist, they are present, and against all odds, they take part.

Lecturer Antje Grabenhorst is football fan, co-organiser of the Fan.Tastic Females and part of the network F_In - Women in Football and part of Football Fans Against Homophobia.

>>> Fan-Projekt Jena (Oberaue 4, 07745 Jena)

Read more: Our Statement on the Statement...


Dear (without doubt) boys from NBU: we'd like to THANK YOU with all our hearts for your statement.

After all the exclusivly positive feedback we received for the project in the wider media and from various fan groups and clubs both here and abroad, we're not only happy about your response but we now know even better why we've done this exhibition in the first place.

We explicitly welcome the fact that the active engagement with the topic "women in football" finally reached you inside the stadium in the context of this great choreography of the fanbase of the club and has even encouraged you to make a statement! 

We couldn't have dreamt of expecting that much attention from your side.

Because unfortunately, we missed you dearly during the discussion events of the Fan.Tastic Females exhibition period in Freiburg. We would have wished to hear espeically your interesting input there as well. But just as they saying goes: if the mountain will not come to Muhammad...well, you know what we mean.  

But all the more we now welcome your belated commitment to the right to exist of female fans inside the stands and to "gender equality" inside the stadium. Top stuff! In the light of past actions of yours we had already worried that you might have had a different view on the exclusion and discrimination of women at the stadium.  [see image - text on the banner: "Buy new tits and shoes for your women - but leave our football alone with your money!"]

Read more: Our Statement on the Statement...And this brings us straight to our main point - and now it get's even worse: we are in agreement! We don't want to have the debate around sexism inside the stadium either!

But just like other issues, that – as you say so nicely - are not „exclusively serving the support of the own team, the club or the staging of your own stand and apart from issues concering football [...]" - such as the debate around police repression in and around the ground -  we unfortunately have to keep up the debate on sexism in the stadium as well. Because sexist chat-ups, exclusion and harrasment still happen - surprise! - quite regularly in football. Crazy shit, innit?

So, both issues have to do with real and current struggles in football that result in an (often arbitrary) discrimination or exclusion of whole groups in / from the stadium, be it based on gender or the belonging to a particular fanbase. And we are aware that you had to endure the latter only very recently yourselves - alongside others - at your away match against VfB Stuttgart.

This is why: we are really looking forward to seeing you judging yourselves by your own standards in the future. We are keen to meet your female members and would also like to make a conciliatory proposal: of course, you don't have to do a stadium action against sexism in football. But an NBU choreography FOR gender equality and women in the stands at SCF would be neat, right? And above all, it would fit perfectly to your policy of "staging your own stand".  

Winking smiley!


the team of curators of the Fan.Tastic Females