The Fan.Tastic Females Logo and the text


The Fan.Tastic Females will leave Central Europe and will stop for the first time in Southern Europe - in Lisbon! The exhibition in Lisbon will be hosted by Football Supporters Europe (FSE) jointly with the national supporters organisation Associação Portuguesa de Defesa do Adepto (APDA) as part of the European Football Fans' Congress #EFFC19 of FSE.


Auditorio UACS, Casa do Comércio
Rua Castilho, 14
1269-076 Lisbon


During the #EFFC19 daily from 10.00 hrs - appx. 21.00 hrs



19.00 hrs

Opening of the exhibition:

We will meet at the conference venue for a first get together and participants and guests will get a chance to see the Fan.tastic Females exhibition. The acclaimed exhibition on female fandom and fan culture in Europe and beyond will be shown for the first time outside Central Europe. There will be an opening speech by one or more of the exhibition coordinators.


11.00 hrs - 13.00 hrs

Workshop: Women in Football Fan Culture  as part of the #EFFC19 programme.
In an intercultural exchange, we would like to explore our respective stadium environments and reflect on our own football crews, finding out more about the position of women among ourselves.
Who are we, where do we stand and what mechanisms are active in our own contexts?
Open for all genders. Workshop language: English. Maximum of 25 participants.