FanTastic Females Flyer - On Tour in Mainz

The exhibition in Mainz will be hosted by the the Fan Department Mainz 05, Fan Project Mainz and Youth Initiative Spiegelbild

VENUE: OPEL ARENA, Eugen-Salomon-Straße 1, 55131 Mainz


from 21/04/ daily from 14.00 - 20.00 hrs




(doors open at 13.00hrs)



"Imagine it's football and women are going“

We look forward to open the exhibition with a panel discussion together with many guests from the sport world, politics and other societal areas.

Together with our guests who are all active around football, we want to explore the question how the role and acceptance of women in football has developed.


10.00hrs - 15.00hrs

Workshop I „The girlfriend of…“ Women and Girls inside the stands (15-20 yrs)
VENUE: Fankulturkneipe Kick’n Rush at the Fan House
DURATION: 5 hours

„The girlfriend of…“ is a workshop especially for young football fans, in particular young ultras at the age between 15-20yrs. We'd like to address girls, boys and all others. In a subculture that has the stands as its stage, participants should be encouraged to think about who plays on this stage and what the play is about. How is femininity dealt with and what is the correlation between priviledge and exclusion? Sexism is visible and audible for women inside the stands. Together we want to work on recognizing these phenomena and to elaborate ways of handling them. 



An evening with Senay Duzcu
„Everything you want, women can achieve!“

She is an explosive mix. The daughter from a classical family of guest workers counter-acts every stereotype: special needs student and scholarship student for the highly talented. A woman with grapho-legasthenia and qualified architect. It hasn't been easy for her to make her way - as a person with a migrant background and as a woman.

This struggle is one of the daily struggles of many others. Senay's message is: "Be satisfied and confident and believe in yourself - no matter what others say or think!" 

A message that she wants to share with all other visitors of this evening. Because complacency and confidence are strong means against stereotypes and discrimination.

After her performances at the end of March, at the Unterhaus in Mainz, she fortunately found the time to come back to the exhibition to spend her evening with us in Mainz.

More info and tour dates on Senay Duzcu on



Workshop II „For Boys Only?!“ Gender Roles in Football
(15-20 yrs)
VENUE: Fankulturkneipe Kick’n Rush at the Fan House
DURATION: 5 hours

Is football really just a men's game and why are there pink scarfs for women although their heart beats for red and white? And is it true that men are simply better on the field? We want to explore these questions with youngsters interested in football aged between 15 and 20 years. It doesn't matter whether they play football themselves, whether they are part of the stands or just following every match on TV. Participants should be encouraged to reflect on the construction of gender and the corresponding societal expectations and role models that keep getting reproduced especially in football. 

Target Group: young visitors of youth centers

Info on the workshop and booking:
Benedikt Momper (Jugendinitiative Spiegelbild)
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49 611 26759085



Closing Panel Discussion - Women In The Stands To Keep The Stands Alive!

VENUE: Fankulturkneipe Kick’n Rush at the Fan House

For the closing event, we look at the heart of almost every stand - the ultras. Against all odds, female ultras have long been part of the stands and are still fighting hard to claim their place. But what does it actually mean when we talk about "their place"; who makes the decisions and how big is the struggle between assimilation and rebelling in a subculture still dominated by men?

The panel will be moderated by Daniela Wurbs (KickIn! Beratungsstelle Inklusion im Fußball/Fan.Tastic Females), panelists are Tina Härtel (Horda Azzuro), Judith von der Heyde (University of Bochum), Antje Grabenhorst (Fan.Tastic Females) and Sophia Gerschel (Fanprojekt Karlsruhe / Sprecherin BAG). Together we'll talk about exclusion, power relations, practical arrangements and self empowerment.