On Tour Flyer Fan.Tastic Females

The exhibition in Freiburg will be hosted by Supporters Crew Freiburg.

VENUE: vitra.lounge of the Sport-Club-Freiburg e.V. at Schwarzwaldstadion (Schwarzwaldstr. 193)


26.03. - 03.04.2019

Open daily from 15.00hrs - 20.00hrs - outside of matchday weekends.

Friday, 29/03/ 15.00 - 16.30 hrs
Saturday, 30/03/  - closed -
Sunday, 31/03/  13.00  - 20.00 hrs


25/03/2019 17.00hrs


VENUE: vitra.lounge

Official opening with short welcome speeches by SC Freiburg (Oliver Leki), the City of Freiburg (Stefan Breiter) and one of the exhibition coordinators (Daniela Wurbs).
 28/03/2019 19.00hrs


VENUE: Fanhaus

„This has nothing to do with football?! Sexism is prevalent inside stadia but it is also being tackled. What is the current state of play, how are the stands developing, what still needs to be done?"

with guests from the fanbase of Freiburg (Tobias/Corrillo Ultras), the fan project (Sebastian Drescher/München), the SLO department of the club (André Wunder), one of the coordinators of the exhibition (Antje Grabenhorst/Bremen) and from the network F_in - Women in Football (Ines Schnell/Wien).



VENUE: vitra.lounge

Action Day with workshop and assertiveness training (upon registration) as well as a fireside chat with women at the Sport Club
Registration via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 02/04/2019 19.00hrs


Talk on mens and womens football at Sport-Club Freiburg with the management (Jochen Saier/Birgit Bauer) and former players (Julian Schuster/Juliane Maier).