Close to the launch of the exhibition, the donations and the project funding are coming to an end so we need your support! It does not matter how much you donate – whether it’s 1 or 100€ - we are happy about anyone who is becoming a part of our project and who helps us cover the costs.

So, support us, become part of the Fan.Tastic Females on the finish line and get yourself a reward for your contribution to the final steps by donating via our Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign!

We have time until 5 August to reach our funding goal of EUR 5,000. As you can imagine, every little helps to provide at least a small allowance to our filmmakers and the graphic designers, to fund the production of the last panels and cover the costs of the opening. Together with you, we want to manage to cross the finish line!

Of course, your support will be rewarded - depending on the amount of your donation, you can select between several exclusive prizes available, that will be sent as soon as we reached our goal. 

Equally important to know: ONLY when we reach the funding goal of EUR 5,000, we can get hold of your donations. If you fail to reach the funding goal, we won't get any money and all previous donations made will be refunded to the donors.  

If you have no possibility or don't want to donate, you can still help: just share the link to the campaign with your family, circles of friends, activists, your fan clubs, ultra groups or via your individual Social Media channels.

Many thanks in advance for your support!