Flyer der Fan.Tastic Females in Wolfsburg - schwar-weiss auf Beton-Hintergrund - Fan.Tastic Females Logo links oben, Ausstellungsdaten darunter, rechts daneben ein weiblicher Fan aus Wolfsburg

The exhibition in Wolfsburg is hosted by the City of Wolfsburg, the Fan Project Wolfsburg and the Youth Welfare Authority of the City of Wolfsburg.


City Hall A (Bürgerinnenhalle)
Porschestraße 49
38440 Wolfsburg


Mon - Fri                          08.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs




17.00 hrs

Official opening of the exhibition "Fan.tastic Females - Football Her.Story"

The official kick-off of the exhibition!

After the festive opening by Iris Bothe (Head of Department for Youth, Education and Integration) and Antje Biniek (Equal Opportunities Officer of the City of Wolfsburg), Antje Grabenhorst (Coordinator of the exhibition) will present several selected video portraits under the motto „On a Journey – through Europe with the Fan.tastic Females“ and tell something about the trips and their background. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for exchange and to view the exhibition.


20.00 hrs

Cinema on Thursday: „Fotboll i nöd och lust – Football for Better or for Worse“

Venue: Hallenbad - Kultur am Schachtweg, Schachtweg 31, 38440 Wolfsburg

"FC Rosengård is one of the best football teams worldwide. But there is a problem: women’s football cannot survive on ist own as long as UEFA invests merely 0.2% of its Champions League budget into the womens‘ teams.  „Fotboll i nöd och lust“ shows the fight for investors, the sourcing of new talents as well as the repairing of an internet connection of a female player on a Saturday night. The film offers an intimate view on a dramatic year full of successes and backlashes. Whilst doing so and amid all drama, the film shows an inherent calmness that gives hope!“ (11mm Internationale Football Film Festival Berlin)


17.00 hrs

Fan.tastic Half Time Party

Venue: Youth Center Haltestelle, Porschestraße 2c, 38440 Wolfsburg

The splendid warm-up into the night will feature the presentations „Ultras - Where Men Are Made“ (Simon Volpers) and "Perl From The Terrace?! - Female Ultras between Assmiliation and Rebellion“ (Antje Grabenhorst) and a subsequent discussion with the presenters. In the following, we want to celebrate football, fan culture and life together with all of you. We’ll be accompanied by finest electronical music and drinks at low cost and in great company.