The exhibition in Offenbach is hosted by Fanprojekt Offenbach, ERWIN - Independent OFC-Fan Magazine, Authority for Culture & Sport Management.


Rathaus Offenbach
Berliner Straße 100
63065 Offenbach

The venue is accessible for wheelchair users.


Mon to Fri from 13.00hrs - 20.00 hrs



18.30 hrs

Opening of the exhibition at the Town Hall in Offenbach with the lecture "On a Journey - travelling across Europe with the Fan.Tastic Females"

From the 79-year-old die-hard fan of Arsenal London to the fan activist from Iran, to the Polish mother who cheers for her son every weekend - they are all fan.tastic! These women couldn't be more different, but they all have one thing in common: their love of football. Some selected video portraits will be presented as well as some information about the travels and backgrounds. After the input, there will be the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas and view the exhibition together with one of its curators.


11.00 hrs-
16.00 hrs

Workshop "Let´s talk about girls and football" with Stella Schrey at the Fanladen (Luisenstraße 61)

Young and elderly women? Travelling to all matches or attending just the home games? Have you always been a fan or are you a newbie? Are you a player or a supporter? How do we experience the game? What is in it for us? What does football mean to us?


19.00 hrs

Film screening "Fotboll I Nöd och Lust - Football for better or for Worse" at Filmklubb (Isenburg Ring 36); Admission EUR 7,00 (regular tickets), EUR 5 (concessionarry tickets)

FC Rosengård is one of the best football teams in the world. But there is a problem: women's football cannot survive if UEFA invests just 0.2% of the Champions League budget in women's teams. "Fotboll i nöd och lust" shows the fight for investors, the search for new talents as well as the repair of a player's internet connection on Saturday evening. It's an intimate look at a dramatic year full of successes and setbacks. Despite all drama, the film is calm and hopeful!

 05/09/2019 19.00 hrs

Lecture "Pearl from the Terrace!?! - Female Ultras between Adaptation and Rebellion" at "Waggon" at Kulturgleis (Mainstraße 1)

What is it that motivates female Ultras to give their last for the club week after week, to travel across the countries' stadiums, to scream their souls out of their bodies? Probably they are driven by the same motives as men - or aren't they? In any case, with their presence they almost automatically have a special role and minority position, they are facing obstacles when trying be a "regular" part of ultra culture. But they are there and, against all odds, have long been part of it. (with musical final by Kid Arla)